Teachers Admit The Subjects They Hate Teaching

We all had our favorite subjects in school and the ones we didn’t love so much - we’re looking at you algebra. And it turns out, teachers also enjoy teaching some subjects more than others. While they may never admit it face-to-face, BuzzFeed got some teachers to confess anonymously to the subjects they can’t stand teaching.

These are the things teachers admit they really don’t love teaching:

  • “As a pre-K teacher, I hate teaching writing!”
  • “I’m a high school math teacher, and I hate teaching the first week of school. Usually, I teach structures and classroom procedures then. The second semester is the best because students understand class structures by then.”
  • “I’m a college physical geography professor, and I have grown to hate teaching about climate change. After over a decade of doing it, it’s just demoralizing. Everything has gotten worse, not better.”
  • “Art teacher here. Painting. I absolutely hate it. I hate the mess made, and the brushes are never cleaned properly and fall apart. So, I came up with a hack - finger painting!”
  • “Capacity conversions! Cups to pints to gallons and back. The kids hate it, I hate it, and the parents hate it. It’s the most miserable month in math.”
  • “Teaching human growth and development (puberty talk) sucks. Especially when you’re stuck with the boys because there are no male teachers on your team … Listen, we’re just as uncomfortable as the kids are, and sometimes, it’s so hard not to laugh at their questions.”
  • “English — the differences between commonly misused words (they’re/their/there, it’s vs. its, you’re vs. your, etc.) and how to properly punctuate. They’re in high school. Surely, someone has told them to not put a comma after the word 'because' when giving a reason, right?”
  • “I hate teaching vocabulary. The stories to teach the words are dry and uninteresting.”
  • “US History teacher here. Teaching Andrew Jackson and the National Bank is the WORST. It’s this ugly blob of economics in the middle of an otherwise culturally and politically unique time period.”
  • And finally, “Algebra. The kids just cannot comprehend it.”

Source: BuzzFeed

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