McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal Toys Going For Big Bucks On eBay

McDonald’s recently introduced Happy Meals for adults – and like the kiddo version, there’s a free toy. But these ‘happy meals’ have sold out so fast – that some of the adults involved are selling the toys online…and some for crazy money.

  • $300,000.95 – Set of three “Extremely rare and unopened” Cactus Plant Flea Market toys
  • $25K – Sealed Cactus Plant Flea Market toy
  • $6,942 – Grimace toy…out of the packaging

Of course, prices go down from there, and these are all “buy it now” prices. Actual auction prices are significantly lower. Still, examples of what has sold:

  • 150 sealed toys sold for $2,400 .
  • More than a dozen 150-count cases have sold for as much as $1,900

Source: make it

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