Woman Divides the Internet Painting Her Nails on a 3 Hour Flight

A woman has caused a stir online for a divisive act she performed on board a three-hour flight. 

The woman was outed for painting her nails while seated on her flight by a fellow passenger, who decided to share the image of her painting away from the other side of the plane aisle. 

The photographer shared the image on Reddit, asking fellow users if they would have also been outraged if this happened on their trip. 

“This woman painting her nails on a 3 hour plane journey," the photo was captioned. 

Is it OK to paint your nails on a flight? 

The poster made note of the fact that they had asked the woman to stop painting, as well as the flight attendant on board, but the woman flat-out refused to stop performing her manicure.

So is it OK to do this or not? 

Well, it depends on who you're asking. The post was flooded with comments from divided users - some who claimed it was an absolute no-no and others who claimed they thought other acts - such as cutting fingernails - were worse than this. 

In the comments it was explained the smell emanating from the nail polish bottle was the issue, which was made particularly worse in an area as enclosed as a small plane.

“If you all asked her to stop and she didn’t - that’s even worse than her lack of awareness,” one Redditor commented. 

“That’s self entitlement to an extreme degree,” another added. 

The smell would be horrendous!

Another said that the chemical smells were the biggest problem in this act: “Some people swear the smell gives them headaches, and that’s when doing it in a well-ventilated area."

"Absolutely NOT! I had a woman painting her nails next to us the last time we went to the UK. The smell is SO STRONG, especially when you're enclosed in a small space and trying to sleep. HARD NO for me," Claire told Kidspot of her own very similar experience.

Meanwhile, others claimed they weren't that bothered by the act.

"That poor woman is trying to meet society's standards of how a woman should look, multi-tasking cos ain't no woman got time for sitting idly for three hours!" Nama told Kidspot. 

And Carly agreed - though don't be doing the whole manicure routine!

"I guess I wouldn't care if someone was just 'painting' their nails next to me, but if they were using remover and doing the whole shebang the smell would be unbearable," she said, adding in one other very important point that everyone seemed to have overlooked.

"I can't paint my nails nicely at the best of times so good on her if she's managed to make them look nice 30,000ft off the ground!"

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