Parents Believe Creative Costumes Get More Candy

While it is certainly easy to hit a store to pick up your kid’s Halloween costume, some kids don’t want your standard old costume, and some parents don’t want to get them one. And according to a new survey, there could be a very good reason for that.

A new survey finds:

  • 61% of parents insist that creative costumes will get their children more candy while trick or treating.
  • Other costumes that garner more candy include scary ones (15%) and those that are pop culture themed (13%).
  • Overall, the most common costumes kids are asking for tend to be classics like:
    • Pirates and vampires (41%)
    • Scary (41%)
    • Superheroes and villains (39%)
    • Pop culture (39%)
  • But not all kids want to go with the same old same old on Halloween. Some get pretty creative, and according to parents, the weirdest costume requests they’ve gotten from their kids include:
    • “Chicken nuggets”
    • “A blue tarantula”
    • “A green bean”
  • Overall, when it comes to costumes, most parents will just go out and purchase one for their kids (31%).
  • Although 11% do DIY their kids’ costume.
  • 46% say they like to DIY the costume because they can be more creative.
  • 40% say it’s fun getting to be creative.
  • And it’s not just costumes for kids, with 57% of parents saying they dress up with their children on Halloween.
  • ONE MORE THING! When it comes to candy, parents believe their kids get about four pounds of candy on Halloween. Most kids are looking forward to getting chocolate (59%), followed by sweet (53%), fruity (45%) and chewy (42%) candies.

Source: SWNS Digital

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