McDonald's Workers Complain About Assembling Popular Halloween Buckets

Earlier this year, McDonald’s attracted headlines after announcing the return of its “Halloween Pails.” Originally released in 1986, the company continued to sell them around Halloween until they “vanished for a while,” per the company’s website. Now, they’re back until the end of the month, with many around the country excited to receive one of their own.

Less excited about this development are employees. For example, in a video with over 772,000 views, TikToker Jessy (@jessybravo03) documents the repetitive, mind-numbing process of preparing the buckets, which includes removing them from the package, attaching the handle, and sorting them by color.

At first, some commenters were critical of Jessy for seeming to complain about the job.

“I would rather do this than my job,” wrote one user.

“Then there’s people working outside in this cold weather,” added another.

“I think that’s the work I’d rather do than clean the bathroom,” echoed a third.

However, the spirit in the comment section soon turned, with numerous users thanking the employees for putting in the hours to prepare the Pails.

“Easy money but I wouldn’t do it lmao,” offered a commenter.

“To the employees that is doing this maybe it seems boring but you should think about the smile it brings the children,” explained a second.

“WE LOVE YOU GUYS. You are valuable…no matter where you work. thank you for your hard work,” another TikToker said.

Fellow employees also said they were sick of the bucket-making process.

As one user wrote, “Omg I don’t want too see them anymore…I made so many…well at least the kiddy’s will be happy and the adult babies lol.”

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