A New Study Ranks "Zombie Proof" Cities And Where ABQ Ranks

Study Ranks “Zombie Proof” Cities: Back in 2011, the CDC created a Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Guide. Now Lawn Love has analyzed 26 key factors that measure “zombie preparedness” across 200 U.S. cities to find the best place to survive the “event.”

Among the things considered were the number of people in poor health in the community, the number of local supermarkets, the number of hunting supply stores, and the number of basements or bunkers under local homes.

The result was Orlando, Florida being the best place to ride out a zombie uprising. Tampa and Miami also finished in the top 10, so overall, Florida is the best state to be in.

Rounding out the list of top five “zombie proof” cities were Salt Lake City, Honolulu, Portland, and Colorado Springs. On the flipside, Nevada would be a zombie paradise.

Albuquerque is ranked at #29...Top 30 isn't bad...we'd last a little bit.

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