The Smell Of A Real Christmas Tree Brings People “Joy”

While most people are probably starting to think about Thanksgiving, there are plenty of people ready for Christmas, and of course, for many the first sign of Christmas is the tree. And for a lot of people, only a real tree will do.

A new survey by the Real Christmas Tree Board finds:

  • The most common feelings Americans have when they smell a real Christmas tree is “joyful.”
  • That’s true for 42% of people who get a real tree, and 39% of all those surveyed.
  • Other top feelings they get when they smell a real tree include:
    • Merry
    • Nostalgic
    • Calm
    • Thankful
  • 81% of Americans agree with the statement “real Christmas trees smell like Christmas itself.”
  • 48% say the smell is the main reason they bought a real Christmas tree last year.
  • And most people, 56% say a real tree is their favorite smell of the Christmas season, followed by:
    • Cookies (50%)
    • Cinnamon (50%)
    • Hot Cocoa (45%)
    • Gingerbread (43%)
    • Peppermint (42%)
    • Open fire (37%)
    • Roasted chestnuts (16%) 

Source: Business Insider

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