You Shop With Our Money - November 4th

Earlier this week Jenni won $1200.....and now it's YOUR turn to win!! You Shop With Our Money is back, and it's brought to you by American Home Furniture & Mattress. Make sure to enter to win by CLICKING THIS LINK. Then just sit back and listen for your name weekdays at 7am, 8am and 9am. If we call your name, call us back at 505 299-7325 within 10 minutes and you win!

We start Friday off with $900

7am: AMANDA CORONA did not call us back. $1000 coming up at 8am

8am: ADRIENNE BARELA CALLED BACK AND WON $1000!! We start over with $100 at 9am

9am: ANDREW LYNCH did not call us back. $200 in cash on Monday at 7am

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