4 in 10 Say Amazon Delivery Drivers Are the Most Attractive

One-day shipping isn’t the only perk Amazon shoppers receive, as a new poll finds many Americans get a bit of “eye candy” with their deliveries!

GetCircuit.com conducted a survey of 1,000 U.S. adults and found that many consumers think their local delivery workers are quite attractive. In fact, four in 10 respondents say Amazon has the hottest delivery drivers working for them. Gen Z Americans are even more likely to think Amazon couriers are the most attractive in the delivery industry (53%).

As for the other delivery services, UPS (17%) and FedEx (11%) round out the top three in terms of “hotness.” When it comes to their uniforms, however, Amazon has some tougher competition. Although 37 percent say Amazon workers have the best uniforms, UPS runs a close second (29%). Moreover, it turns out brown is the favorite uniform color among women — who say UPS drivers are the best-dressed in the delivery business.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise Americans can’t wait to receive a big package in the mail since 66 percent admit to checking out their delivery drivers. Another 37 percent confess they’ve fantasized about hooking up with a delivery worker and 23 percent claim they’ve actually tried to seduce a delivery driver.

If they can’t get them into bed, respondents say they’ll at least give these workers a bonus. Half the poll admit to tipping attractive delivery workers more than usual, giving them up to 30 percent more, on average.

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