Move Over "Elf On The Shelf", Hidden Halley Brings Us "Ranch On A Branch"

Ranch dressing isn't really thought of as a Christmas staple. But that hasn't stopped Hidden Valley from finding unique ways to get into the holiday spirit. Last year, the original ranch dressing brand released their infamous RanchNog. In 2020, they encouraged people to gift a Hidden Valley fridge with a lifetime supply of ranch. Yet neither of these topped their 2019 promotion: a stocking filled with 52 ounces of ranch.

So what does Hidden Valley have in store for 2022? The brand has tapped into their inner "Elf on a Shelf" fan for a ranch-themed Christmas tale.

Ranch on a Branch is an illustrated storybook that tells the tale of Ranchie, an anthropomorphized ranch dressing toy who dreams of becoming a real bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch. (Wait, did Hidden Valley get the story backwards? Wouldn’t an actual bottle of ranch rather become alive than go the other way around and have their guts poured all over Buffalo wings? But I digress.

Starting today, Hidden Valley is selling limited-edition Ranch of a Branch boxed sets that — just like Elf on a Shelf — include both the book and a stuffed plushie version of Ranchie for $30 while supplies last in their online Ranch Shop at Sticking with the theme, Hidden Valley is also encouraging people who purchase the plushies "to help Ranchie become a real bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch by moving them to a new spot each day as a reminder to spread joy." (So whereas elves may be Santa's scouts, I guess Ranchie is a reminder to always keep Christmas branded?)

"We were inspired to create Ranch on a Branch by the happiness we see Hidden Valley Ranch bring to ranch fans," Deb Crandall, the brand’s marketing director, stated. "This Collector's Edition set is a perfect, and adorable, way to help put a little more joy out there this holiday season."

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