Things People Still Wouldn't Buy If They Had A Billion Dollars

A billion dollars can buy a lot of things, but have you ever really considered what you would do if you had that much money? A new Reddit thread has people thinking about what they wouldn’t spend their money on. It asks, “You just won a billion dollars, what are you still not buying?”

More than 31-thousand people have something to say about this one and these are some of the best responses.

  • “Snapchat +”
  • “Meth.”
  • “That I have a billion dollars.”
  • “$1000 steaks covered in gold leaf.”
  • “Extended warranty for my car.”
  • “Any MLM product”
  • “$20,000 handbags, heck I wouldn’t even buy a $1,000 handbag. What in the world is the point?”
  • “Politicians.”
  • “My ex's bullshit.”
  • “New husband.”
  • “A blue check mark.”
  • “TikToker merchandise”
  • “A ‘Live Laugh Love’ sign”
  • “NFTs.”
  • “A mega yacht. It seems like all the uber-rich folks need to buy one, just a big, stupidly expensive, constantly needing work and maintenance money pit. Status symbols are dumb.”
  • “Another house in a HOA!”
  • “That Epstein killed himself.”
  • “Expensive designer brand clothes. I’d pay extra for good quality, materials and features, but never just for a label.”
  • “Twitter.”
  • “Anything from the Kardashians.”

Source: Reddit

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