Heroes: Raccoon's Testicle Frozen To The Railroad Track, Rescued By Workers

A railroad worker rescued a raccoon from an oncoming train after its testicles hair froze to the track. 

Neil Mullis, 35, found the traumatized animal and carefully freed him using warm water and a shovel.

Mr Mullis, from Cochrane, , USA, said: 'I poured the warm water under his bottom while a co-worker worked the shovel under his butt to try and break him loose.

'After about five minutes of slowly working him loose, he was free. He jumped off the rail and ran into the woods never looking back.'

In the video filmed, Mr Mullis can be heard saying 'poor b***ard's n**s are frozen to the rail' as he finds it.

After freeing the animal with hot water and a shovel, Mr Mullis cuts to the aftermath.

He says: 'Operation well performed! Little fella's safe.'

Raccoons are naturally shy animals but can be aggressive when threatened and should be handled with caution.

Despite the intense rescue efforts from Mr Mullis and his colleagues, nobody could tell how, or why, the raccoon got into this predicament.

He added: 'I'm guessing because it was -12C outside somehow he was crossing over the rail and sat too long and got stuck!'



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