"Boomer" Things People Want To Go Away And Not Come Back

No one’s getting any younger, and as the baby boomer generation ages, it seems some folks are hoping some of the cultural norms that have been in place for decades will finally fade away. A tweet that addresses this subject is going viral on Reddit, where it’s racked up more than 13-thousand comments in one day.

It asks, “What things do you hope die off with the boomers?” These are some of the most upvoted and most interesting responses.

  • “Televangelists gotta go”
  • “Private prisons”
  • “Pride to be overworked”
  • “The ‘f*ck you, got mine’ mentality.”
  • “The idea that you should remain loyal to your employer forever and never take a sick day/PTO”
  • “Extreme greed masquerading as success”
  • “Covering hardwood floor with linoleum”
  • “The marriage of Church and State”
  • “The stock market being the way we measure the economy.”
  • “The ‘I don't believe in therapy/mental health’ mentality.”
  • “Climate change denial and inactivism”
  • “HOAs”
  • “‘Perfect’ but unnatural lawns”
  • Lifetime appointments for Supreme Court Justices”
  • “Wall Street bro culture. They invented it in the 80s, it should die with them! Also Reaganism”
  • “Traditional gender roles. My father in law has never cooked or cleaned in his life. He’s a 73 year old man and tells my MIL, ‘I’m hungry.’ Like she’s supposed to stop what she’s doing to feed his a**. Love the guy but bet he’s never made a Hot Pocket in his entire life”
  • “For profit medicine, religion, regressive policies to name a few”
  • “The assumption that ‘hard work’ will automatically lead to success”
  • “Marijuana criminalization”
  • “The necessity to talk about politics at family dinners”

Source: Reddit

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