The Top Valentine Candy In Each State, NM Was Robbed

I feel like this study could have been skipped and Reese's Hearts could've been the entire map but here you go...

Spoiler alert...NM got Chocolate Roses...this seems fishy to me.

Candy is always one of the most popular gifts for Valentine’s Day, and everyone has their favorites, but a new report reveals which are the most popular holiday treats in each state. has released their annual list of the favorite Valentine’s Candy by state. To determine this, they crunched the numbers from online bulk candy sales and industry partners.

Their data shows:

  • Conversation Hearts dominate, representing 11.4% of all Valentine’s Day candy sold last year, more than Heart-Shaped Boxes of Chocolate, which made up 9.6%.
  • Conversation Hearts are the most popular Valentine’s candy in 17 states: Alaska, California, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin.
  • Heart-Shaped Boxes of Chocolate are the most popular choice in 10 states: Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma and Washington, D.C.
  • Cupid Corn - which is a pink and red version of candy corn - is the top Valentine’s Day candy in Michigan and Nebraska.
  • M&Ms are number one in seven states: Arizona, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, New Jersey, North Dakota and Vermont.
  • In seven states, Hershey’s Kisses are the most popular candy: Arkansas, Delaware, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas and Utah.
  • In Alabama, and only in Alabama, Candy Necklaces are number one.
  • Chocolate Roses are the most popular in Kentucky, Wyoming, and New Mexico.
  • In three states, Chocolate Hearts are number one: Maine, Montana and Rhode Island.
  • The average American spends $114.56 on Valentine’s Day candy.
  • Around 36-million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are sold every year ahead of Valentine’s Day.
  • 58-million pounds of chocolate are purchased the week of Valentine’s Day.
  • Kids get 39% of all Valentine’s Day candy and gifts.
  • 47% of people say they’ll buy themselves a box of chocolates this year

Source: The Takeout

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