Walt And Jesse Return To Breaking Bad In A New Super Bowl Commercial

A decade has passed since Breaking Bad aired its final episode, but Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul maintain that reprising their lead roles for a 2023 Super Bowl commercial couldn't have felt more natural.

The former castmates became Walter White and Jesse Pinkman once more to promote the snack brand PopCorners during one of the most watched televised events of the year.

"It's so easy to kind of zip on that skin again," Paul, 43, tells PEOPLE of stepping back into his character Jesse. "It's just like revisiting a very familiar friend."

Though it was a thrill to revisit Breaking Bad once more, Paul doesn't expect to become Jesse Pinkman again anytime soon, especially now that the series' spin-off Better Call Saul has wrapped after its own six-season run.

"I feel like this is sort of where we all kind of hang our hats, at least with the Breaking Bad universe," he says. "And what a fun way to go out."

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