People On Reddit Reveal Their Restaurant Dealbreakers

Going out to eat at a restaurant can be a delightful experience and a welcome change from cooking at home. But this simple pleasure can be easily ruined by any number of things. A Reddit thread digs into the topic by asking, “What’s a dealbreaker for you at restaurants?”

It seems people have a lot to say on the subject, as more than 5-thousand responses have come in and these are some of the most relatable:

  • “Any place that doesn't put prices on the menu. If I’m going to spend money, I want to know how much I’m going to spend. Just tell me the steak is $40. Don't make it a surprise.”
  • “Outrageously loud music.”
  • “If I notice there's no hand soap in the restroom. Unless the staff has their own restroom, that means no one’s really washing hands after doing their business before returning to work.”
  • “Any place where the tables are packed so tightly together to the extent that you might as well just sit with the strangers next to you.”
  • “An overabundance of televisions. TVs in sports bars are fine, but if I'm going to a restaurant, I don't want to be surrounded by them.”
  • “When the kitchen doesn’t pace out the meal … I can’t stand when all the dishes suddenly pour out of the kitchen one after the next.”
  • “If I witness the restaurant owners being rude to staff in front of guests. That’s a big turn-off.”
  • “Anywhere there's a bad smell when you walk in. If I can smell sewage, mold, or excessive bleach or ammonia that overpowers the smell of the food when I first walk in, I'm turning around.”
  • “When they keep the lights dimmed so low that you literally can’t see the menu.”
  • “If the host/hostess ignores me for 10 minutes. Even if you are busy, at least acknowledge you've seen me waiting and will get to me.”
  • “If the table is sticky and it gets stickier after they wipe it.”
  • “Having no seats with backs. Nobody wants to sit on a bench.”
  • “QR code menus”
  • “If you go to a mexican/tex-mex spot and the chips and salsa are terrible just pack it up and leave, nothing will get better.”
  • “Dirty menus. If the staff at a restaurant can’t be bothered to wipe the menu down, then I can’t help wondering what else they’re not cleaning.”

Source: Reddit

Photo: Getty Images

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