Win A Valentine's Painting That Was Painted By An Otter!

Roses are red; violets are blue ... who'd believe that otters send valentines, too?

For the second year running, a quintet of Asian small-clawed otters at the Living Shores Aquarium in New Hampshire are delighting visitors by using their little paws to paint valentines.

Using otter-safe red and pink paint, Harry, Teddy, Peanut, Jelly, and Saco are creating "Ottergrams," which will be sent to fans and hospital patients for Valentine's Day.

The cards are one of a kind and are painted entirely by the otters, who enjoy the activity as a form of enrichment.

The aquarium is holding an "Ottergram Sweepstakes" this year, which can be entered online. Ten winners randomly selected on Valentine's Day will receive one of the paw-printed masterpieces in the mail.

The painted cards will also be distributed to local hospitals in an effort to lift the spirits of patients spending Valentine's Day away from home.

In addition to painting, the otters enjoy a variety of other enriching activities, such as playing with toys and swimming, according to the aquarium's communications director, Lynsey Winters.

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