New Mexico Is One Step Closer To Stay On Daylight Savings Time

SANTA FE, N.M. – Two proposals were up for debate in the Roundhouse Monday night to do away with the seasonal clock change – which will be coming in just a few weeks. 

The first bill will stick with standard time year-round which is basically adding more daylight to the mornings. The second bill will stick with daylight saving time year-round, which would add more daylight to the evenings.

Senate Bill 287 will keep the state on daylight saving time and was the one that had the most success. 

SB 287 passed the Senate Health and Public Affairs Committee in a 6-2 vote.

This bill would keep the state on daylight saving time. If it were to pass, New Mexico would join Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Utah in a wider push among the mountain states to switch to daylight saving time.

But this can only trigger if five states are on board – meaning it’s up to New Mexico or Idaho to join their coalition. After that, Congress would still need to approve it.

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