Rust Movie Production To Move To Montana

The company behind the movie "Rust" has left New Mexico and will continue production in Montana. A rep for the production tells TMZ that Yellowstone Film Ranch in Montana will be the new home for the movie, adding that this will be a great way to honor cinematographer Halyna Hutchins’ memory after being killed on set during the shoot in New Mexico.

The location scouting team found a church in Montana that bears a striking resemblance to the one used in New Mexico. There is talk of starting production back up in March or April.

As we previously reported, Alec Baldwin was charged with involuntary manslaughter last month, for Halyna’s death in 2021 when the gun he was rehearsing with fired a live round and hit her. Director Joel Souza was also shot but recovered and is said to be continuing with the production.

As for the charges against Baldwin, a New Mexico prosecutor admits the extra penalty for the shooting was given incorrectly. The actor was given a firearm enhancement charge that carries a potential five-year prison sentence. Though Baldwin was holding the gun that killed Hutchins, his lawyers said it isn't applicable in his case because the law was changed after what happened.

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