Study: Here Are The Most Popular Breakup Songs

Breakups are rarely easy, can be messy, confusing and sometimes, soul-crushing. We’ve all been there and unfortunately, the only way out is to go through all the feelings and emotions as they hit you. One thing that can help? A breakup playlist.

Music is one of the best forms of therapy as it can express how you feel. It can help you wallow in your sadness, connect with your anger and remind you that one day, you won’t be hurt by the end of that relationship anymore. Some songs are ideal for those broken-hearted blues and new research reveals which ones people turn to most.

Learn Divorce Law came up with the list based on Spotify streams and YouTube views over the last five years. According to their research, these are the most popular breakup songs.

7) “thank u, next” by Ariana Grande - 2.3-billion total listens

6) “Without Me” by Halsey - 2.3 billion total listens

5) “Kill This Love” by Blackpink - 2.4-billion total listens

4) “Don’t Start Now” by DuaLipa - 2.7-billion total listens

3) “Happier” by Marshmello ft. Bastille - 2.8-billion total listens

2) “SAD!” by XXXTentacion - 3.1-billion total listens

1) And the number one breakup song is … “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi with 3.2-billion total listens

Source: Hello Giggles

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