New Girl Scout Cookie Flavor Is Selling For $100 Online

As you probably know from your most recent trip to the grocery store, it’s Girl Scout cookie season. This time of year, you can find the girls set up in front of supermarkets on the weekends to sell you their tasty treats, but there’s one cookie you won’t find there. This year, the Girl Scouts introduced a new flavor, the Raspberry Rally, which is the first cookie to be exclusively sold online.

It’s a “sister cookie” to the Thin Mint, looks exactly like a Thin Mint, but has raspberry flavor instead. The chocolate-coated cookies were a big hit and quickly sold out online. But now they’ve made their way over to eBay, where they’re selling for a whole lot more than the Girl Scouts’ price of $5 or $6 a box, with prices hovering around $100 a box and some as high as $199.97

And no one’s more upset about this than the Scouts themselves. “Girl Scouts of the USA is disappointed to see unauthorized resales of Girl Scout cookies online through third-party e-commerce platforms,” says a Girl Scouts of the USA spokesperson. “While we are happy that there’s such a strong demand for our cookies year-over-year, we’re saddened that the platforms and the sellers are disregarding the core mission of the cookie program and are looking to make a profit off of the name without supporting our mission and the largest girl-led entrepreneurship program in the world.”

Source: Today

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