Target Brings Us Drive Up RETURNS!

Returning something to stores can be a huge pain, but doing it at Target is about to get a whole lot easier. “Drive Up” returns are coming soon to a Target store near you. Yep, you’ll be able to make a return from the comfort of your car.

After testing the “Drive Up” options at Target stores in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, they’re going to be rolling out the service at all of their stores. “You’ll soon be able to skip the line or the mailbox and pull right in — to your nearest Target Drive Up spot,” Target shared in a statement. This will help make returns easier for customers with kids or pets in the car, or those with disabilities who have difficulty getting in and out of a vehicle, according to Mark Schindele, Target’s executive vice president and chief stores officer.

The service is free to use and customers will be able to return products from their cars at all 2-thousand Target stores across the country by the end of this summer.

Source: CBS News

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