Study: Half Of Couples Would Try Sleeping Apart To Get Better Sleep

How far would you go to get better sleep? Half of Americans (49%) who live with their partner would be willing to sleep in separate beds to improve sleep, according to new research. And that may be a result of the average cohabiting person getting less than four good nights of sleep a week.

March is National Sleep Awareness Month and a new survey of 2-thousand Americans who live with their partner reveals:

  • The biggest things people’s partners do to disrupt their sleep include stealing the covers (35%), waking them up from tossing and turning (35%), sleeping with the TV on (28%), snoring (28%) and sleeping with the lights on (27%).
  • But that doesn’t mean couples don’t like quality time in bed, as 42% of respondents prefer going to sleep at the same time as their partner and using that time before snoozing to watch something on TV together (28%) or talk about their day (24%).
  • More than half of couples surveyed (53%) like to cuddle when they’re ready to fall asleep.
  • Parents seem to have more than their partner’s sleep habits keeping them awake, as more than a third (37%) say their child sneaks into their bed two nights a week, while one in five (20%) wake up when a little one climbs into their bed three nights a week.
  • People really like their own side of the bed, with 40% saying they sleep on it even when their partner is away.
  • As for what could help them sleep better, aside from sleeping in separate beds, 36% say a new or better mattress would help, 34% say new or better pillows and 29% want to try a bigger bed.

Source: SWNS Digital

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