This Is The Day & Time Of The Week That We Feel The Happiest

Sometimes the little things in life really are the best and a new study from Lindt reveals which ones bring people joy. The candy company’s research shows that a good night’s sleep tops the list (51%), followed by a walk on a sunny morning (48%) and a hug (47%).

Saturday at 11:16a.m. is when people feel happiest overall

The biggest mood boosters also include spending time with friends and family (46%), cuddling your pet (39%) and eating chocolate (37%). A lot of life’s simple pleasures actually relate to food, including cooking your favorite meal (33%), eating cake (30%) and freshly brewed coffee (27%).

Lindt’s study also finds:

  • Unexpected things can also make us happy, like finding money in a jacket pocket (38%), a smile from a stranger (32%), scoring a bargain at the grocery store (31%) and finding something you’ve lost (30%).
  • Spring brings a lot of joy to folks, thanks to longer and lighter evenings (42%), blooming flowers (34%) and picnics in the park (21%).
  • There are some generational differences in what lifts people’s spirits, for older generations it’s a walk in the park (57%) and bright, sunny mornings (59%). While just over a third (35%) of 18- to 29-year-olds love funny TikToks.
  • Chocolate is universally pleasing across the generations, with 37% of all respondents agreeing it's one of life’s simple pleasures. And for 25%, just the taste of chocolate is enough to make them smile.

Source: Confectionery News

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