Redditors Are Debating The Best TV Series Of All Time And We Have Results

People sharing their honest opinions on Reddit is nothing new, but one thread has become a battleground after asking, “What is the best TV series of all time?” Everyone has a favorite show and people are more than happy to defend theirs to strangers on the Internet.

More than 5-thousand responses have come in so far and these are the best of the best, according to Redditors:

“The Sopranos”
“Sopranos is basically the best drama ever made by humans and I’ll stand on that. The acting and the writing all of it deeply diving into the characters psychology while maintaining an amazing and compelling storyline.”

“The Wire”
“I don’t think there is another show that I can say this about: that show is important. I don’t know how many people I know who say that that show made them a better person. Actors on the show say that working on it made them better people.”

“Six Feet Under”
“‘Six Feet Under’ has the absolute best series finale. If you have seen the entire series, you know.”

“Breaking Bad”
“In this situation every head must bow, every tongue must confess, ‘Breaking Bad’ is the Greatest of all Time.”

“‘Lost’ really pioneered the character development movement”

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”
“✓ Longest running live-action American Sitcom with 15 seasons (& counting) ✓ Every season audience score is in the top 80% (give or take) ✓ Danny Devito

“Star Trek: The Next Generation”
“Great show, really shaped me as a young person. Valuable lessons on conflict resolution and just being diplomatic and tolerating others.”

“Mad Men”
“Started on a high note and ended on one. All of the characters are so broken and so well acted. It’s incredible.”

“Definitely has to be in contention as one of the most popular of all time given the series finale drew over 100 million viewers and was the most watched broadcast event until the 2010 Super Bowl.”

“Arrested Development”
“No show has moments that make me laugh as hard as some of the moments in Arrested Development - for example Job's video for George Michael's campaign.”

“The Simpsons”
“The humor is just chef’s kiss. No laugh track for awkward pauses. The jokes were never at the expense of a minority group nor were they bigoted. And it shows that the writers were in the same room riffing off the joke to see how far they can take it.”

“It literally set the tone for modern sitcom humor, and it STILL holds up. The references might be dated, the standup is bad, but the writing is impeccable, and it influenced so many shows and aspects of late 20th/early 21st century culture.”

“Twin Peaks”
“It’s most definitely #1 in my book.”

Source: Reddit

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