Nearly 85% Of Americans Plan To Travel This Summer

Summer is right around the corner and for a lot of folks, that means one thing: summer vacation. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, millions of Americans will enjoy a getaway and a new report reveals what their travel plans are.

The Vacationer’s annual Summer Travel Survey finds:

  • Nearly 85% of Americans plan to travel this summer (84.76%), which is about 219 million American adults.
  • That includes 40.71% who expect to only go on one trip and 44.05% who will travel more than once.
  • Overall, that’s 5% more people traveling this summer than last (based on their 2022 survey).
  • Close to 23% plan to travel internationally, including 6.39% who will only be traveling outside the country and 16.52% who are planning trips both in the U.S. and foreign countries.
  • Another 61.75% will be traveling only here in the U.S. this summer.
  • As for how they’re traveling, more than 78% plan to take at least one road trip this summer
    • 16.52% will travel within 100 miles of home
    • 23.4% will travel within 250 miles of home
    • 20.45% will travel within 500 miles of home
    • 11.21% will travel within 1,000 miles of home
    • And 7.08% will travel more than 1,000 miles from home
  • Over 54% of Americans expect to travel by plane over the summer, which equals about 139-million people. This includes 30.38% who will only fly once and 23.70% who plan to fly more than once.

Source: The Vacationer

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