WaterTok Is The Latest "Hydration Trend"

There have been plenty of odd TikTok trends – from the liquid nitrogen “dragon breath challenge,” to the short-lived pickle facials. Now, some influencers are giving the spotlight to an everyday drink…with a little twist.

Introducing…WaterTok, the newest TikTok trend that has accumulated over 100 million views on the platform. What is it? It’s the simple act of adding powder or liquid flavorings to water in the hopes that people will get more serious about their hydration.

However, while influencers like Shelby Hobbs swear by mixing additives like raspberry syrup, orange soda or strawberry Nerds candy, many are pushing back on the trend. Followers are questioning exactly how healthy water can really be when you dump a bunch of sugar or artificial sweeteners into the glass. Registered dietician nutritionist Frances Largeman-Roth agrees. She warns tells Today.com followers not to overindulge on the additives or use water as a meal replacement.

Source: Today

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