Soft Hiking Is TikTok's Hottest Exercise Trend

Does the thought of trekking up a mountain send you into panic mode? If so, you may want to check out TikTok’s latest fitness trend - “soft hiking.” It’s supposed to be a gentle workout that you can do at your own pace while taking in your surroundings and enjoying nature.

“Soft hiking” is all about slowing things down and unlike intense types of exercise, it can be done by anyone at any fitness level. The term was coined by Lucy and Emily of @softgirlswhohike on TikTok and it encourages people to take in the views, meander slowly and sit down on a bench and have a snack break. Similar to “hot girl walks,” also popularized by TikTok, soft hiking is also about prioritizing mental health.

Personal trainer Dom Thorpe explains, “Soft hiking is a great way for anyone to get some well-needed exercise for both the body and the mind.” You get the physical and mental benefits of exercise, including a dose of feel-good endorphins to boost your mood while you focus on the scenery. And since there’s no gym membership or special equipment needed, it couldn’t be easier.

Source: Metro

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