Study: The Price Of Finding Love Is $2,041.30

Dating can be draining, and not just emotionally, but financially as well. Dates with dinner and drinks can be expensive, but the costs don’t stop there. New research has determined that you can, in fact, actually put a price on finding love and it’s definitely not cheap.

According to the study, singles go on an average of 15 dates before finding “the one,” spending an average of $74.20 on each date.

  • On top of that, 41% of those looking for love also buy new clothes and accessories for a first date, and 37% of men also spring for a pre-date haircut. They’re spending an average of $49.47 on those add-ons.
  • More than half (61%) of daters admit they’ve taken considerable steps to get a discount on a date, with more men than women trying to save (69% compared to 55% of women).
  • Between the cost of the new clothes, haircuts and dates, the research reveals that the price of finding love is $2,041.30

Source: Metro

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