Overused TV & Movie Plot Twists People Are Tired Of Seeing

Some plot twists get used in so many movies and TV shows that they don’t surprise us anymore, they just make us roll our eyes. BuzzFeed readers share the worn-out cliches and tropes that just need to be retired already.

These are the plot twists people are tired of seeing:

  • "I HATE the secret child trope. I’ve never seen it used anywhere it wasn't cheap AF and didn't scream, 'We ran out of ideas!' or 'We couldn’t figure out how else to resurrect this story.'"
  • "When the main character finds out that they're actually the murderer or stalker, but they were unaware because they have a mental illness."
  • "Amnesia storylines where characters lose their memory or forget who they are, usually after an accident."
  • "The trope where a single cop goes after the bad guy in some dark, abandoned warehouse or something, only to be ambushed, is especially irritating."
  • "Hitting someone on the head and they pass out. It actually takes a lot of force to hit someone hard enough to knock them out, and it is a serious injury!"
  • "In daytime dramas (soaps), the characters' ages are so fluid to fit in any scenario. In one of my favorites, a character was born in 1995, so she's not even 30, but she also has two kids who are in their early 20s!"
  • "In buddy cop movies, they screw up and get kicked off the case, but then they pursue the criminals without badges and save the day."
  • "When the main couple has been planning their perfect wedding for MONTHS, then suddenly the day of the wedding, everything goes wrong, and they have to get married in a last-minute ceremony that is much more intimate and somehow perfect. I HATE THAT."
  • "Someone getting a whiff of a rag soaked in chloroform and instantly passing out — it takes a lot longer than a couple of seconds!"
  • "Walking away from an explosion without any injury, let alone just falling down."
  • "Mine is the, 'We've only been on three dates, and now you're moving/leaving/whatever and how freaking dare you not choose me over literally anything else in your life!' storyline."
  • And finally: "Knowing who the murderer is in a crime drama from the first second, because that actor has played a murderer on EVERY SINGLE crime drama."

Source: BuzzFeed

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