Majority Of Americans Have FOMO On Latest Food Trends

Social media plays a big part in the way we think about food, with new research revealing that three-quarters of Americans are experiencing the fear of missing out on new food trends. A poll of 2-thousand social media-using adults finds that 75% instantly crave food after seeing it online and to help prevent food-related FOMO, 57% have tried to make recipes they found online.

According to the survey:

  • Respondents make an average of four recipes they found online every month.
  • They post photos of their meal on social media an average of six times a month.
  • The average person polled spends four hours a day on social media and sees food content in their feeds at least seven times a day.
  • Nearly a quarter (24%) use YouTube and Facebook most often when looking for trendy food inspo.
  • Respondents follow at least 10 food-related accounts on social media.
  • But some of them aren’t just looking at food content, 67% of those surveyed would want to become a snack influencer given the chance.
  • When they’re cooking up recipes, 73% admit they spend extra time making them more picturesque for social media.
  • Looking at food content on social media, respondents feel impressed that someone can make that dish (43%), inspired to make their own food (41%), jealous of the person who gets to eat it (39%) and hungry (35%).

Source: SWNS Digital

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