Reddit Says These Unpopular Things Should Be More Well Liked

Is there something that you love, but everyone else seems to hate and you just don’t understand why? A popular Reddit thread digs into this topic by asking, “What is something that everyone loves to s**t on, but actually isn’t that bad?”

More than 17-hundred responses have come in and these are some of the best:

  • "People shit on chain bookstores, but when your town doesn't have any indie shops, Barnes & Noble is vital."
  • "Anything teenage girls like."
  • "Taylor Swift, TikTok, Wednesday."
  • "Guy Fieri. He loves food and gives so much to charity. Let him have his stupid hair and live his life."
  • "Pop music. There is a lot of good pop music out there that is considered 'for teenage girls only' but is really good."
  • "Fruitcake.."
  • "When you can solve global food issues by making crops more pest resistant or drought resistant, you should. Demanding non-GMO everything is a first-world problem."
  • "Weezer."
  • "The [Star Wars] prequel trilogy."
  • "Adam Sandler films."
  • "Beets! I think beets are delicious."
  • "Vanilla ice cream. It's an extremely complex flavor, and there’s a reason it’s used as a base for so many ice creams."
  • "Nickelback, Justin Bieber, metal, country."
  • "Pineapple on pizza."
  • "A lot of clueless folks rip on John Mayer. Not even knowing the chops."
  • "Minivans"
  • "Taco Bell"

Source: Reddit

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