According to Drizly, This Is What Americans Will Be Drinking This Summer

Even though it’s not officially summer for another month, it feels like it’s already here. It’s the season for vacations, barbecues and enjoying cocktails and new research reveals what people will be sipping on this summer.

Drizly has just released its fifth annual Consumer Trends Report. The delivery service finds that customer preferences are changing when it comes to alcohol and this is what they predict the summer drinking trends will include:

  • Red may be the new pink - Instead of rosé all day, more people may be enjoying red wine, as 31% of those surveyed say red will be their go-to summer wine. It beats out the usual lighter options for warm weather, including white wine (28%) and rosé (17%).
  • People are ditching canned cocktails - There’s less interest in ready-to-drink cocktails this summer, which have seen the biggest decrease year-over-year as a warmer weather drink. Only 22% say ready-to-drink cocktails will be their summertime drink and only 21% are opting for hard seltzer. Instead they’re reaching for basics like light liquor (34%), white wine (28%) and light lager beer (23%).
  • Staying in is the new going out - Inflation is keeping people out of bars more, as nearly one in four say they’ll be drinking at home more than at bars and restaurants in 2023.
  • More Americans are saying no to alcohol - Interest in non-alcoholic beverages continues to climb, with half of respondents having tried NA beer, wine, or liquor. The alcohol-free category is more popular with Gen Z (23%) and millennials (24%) than any other generations.

Source: Bar and Restaurant

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