The Internet Slams A Woman For Buttering Her Bread With A Spoon

A woman from the United Kingdom has caused a stir on the internet with her unconventional method of buttering bread rolls. Teresa Basquine, a 47-year-old full-time nanny from Cambridge, gained popularity through her TikTok channel where she shares her home-cooked meals. Within a short span of time, her subscriber count skyrocketed, drawing attention to her unique approach.

Basquine's distinctive technique involved using a spoon instead of a knife to spread butter on the bread rolls she made for her partner, Mark Read. While some online observers were bewildered by her choice, others hailed it as a "game changer" in the kitchen.

When asked about her unconventional method, Basquine explained that no one had taught her this technique, and she wasn't aware of anyone else who did it. Nevertheless, she had always used a spoon because it prevented the bread or crackers from breaking, unlike a knife. She found it easier and more practical.

However, some people were taken aback by her unorthodox utensil choice. Online commenters expressed their surprise and curiosity, questioning why she used a spoon instead of a knife, which is considered the norm.

Maggie Oldham, a modern etiquette expert and instructor based in Indianapolis, Indiana, stated on her website that the correct way to butter and eat bread involves using a knife. According to her guidelines, a small amount of butter should be placed on the side of the bread plate, and each bite-sized piece of bread should be buttered individually before consumption.

Despite the mixed reactions and the conflicting opinions on proper buttering techniques, Basquine's spoon method continues to captivate online audiences, making her an internet sensation.

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