The “Hostage Routine” May Be Key To Best Night's Sleep

In our quest for a solid night’s sleep, we’re willing to try just about anything, and one woman is sharing the bizarre bedtime ritual she claims gives her the “best sleep ever.” Hannah Chody posted a TikTok that shows the complex set-up she swears by, involving a sound machine, mouth tape, eye mask and special pillows.

In her video, Hannah reveals that her husband says she “looks like someone being held hostage,” which she says is fair, but she doesn’t care since it helps her so much with sleep. The steps to her sleep routine are:

  • Turning on a sound machine for background white noise .
  • Wearing a silk eye mask to block light.
  • Lying on her back, with her head on a “face pillow,” which is stacked on top of other pillows. The face pillow has a carved out space for her neck and is supposed to help her sleep on her back.
  • Putting a “sleep crown” pillow over the top of her head and eye mask, used to block out light and sound.
  • Securing her mouth with sleep tape, a trend that’s become popular and is supposed to promote breathing through your nose while sleeping and prevent snoring.

Hannah is convinced that this process is giving her the best sleep she’s ever had, and her sleep tracker shows she gets great quality sleep. But some social media users are skeptical.

  • “Every single one of these things would prevent me from sleeping,” one TikToker comments.
  • “The claustrophobia I felt watching this,” writes another.
  • And a third shares, “I’d have a panic attack trying to sleep with all that.”

Source: Newsweek

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