Nearly A Third Of Americans Have Anxiety Ordering At A Restaurant

Does ordering at a restaurant stress you out? It turns out, a lot of people feel that way, as three in 10 Americans have “menu anxiety” when ordering food, new research finds.

Accordion to the survey of 2-thousand U.S. adults:

  • Younger generations are much more likely to have anxiety while ordering, 41% of Gen Z and millennials do, compared with only 15% of Gen X and boomers.
  • Gen Z and millennials are also more likely to let others order first so they can see what they’re getting (47% to 30% of Gen X and boomers).
  • Checking out the menu online before going out is also a habit of younger Americans, with 24% of those between the ages of 18 and 43 “always” doing this, while just 15% of those ages 44 to 77 do.
  • Respondents say the most important factors when ordering food include food (71%), cost (57%), how long it takes to prepare (22%), how messy it will be (16%) and the foods’ environmental impact (15%).
  • Gen Z and millennials are more likely to order something labeled “vegan” on the menu (39% compared to 15% of Gen X and boomers).
  • If something is labeled “vegetarian” on the menu, 34% of Gen Z and millennials would be more likely to order that item, compared to 17% of boomers and Gen X.

Source: SWNS Digital

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