Pepsi Creates Its First Condiment and It's Called Colachup

Pepsi and a hot dog may be a good combo, but what about Pepsi ON a hot dog? People are about to get a chance to try it as the soda brand has created its very first condiment … Colachup. It’s a cola-flavored ketchup that’s actually infused with Pepsi and it’s being rolled out on the Fourth of July.

But you can’t find this sauce in supermarkets for your Independence Day backyard BBQ. Colachup will be available for one day only - July Fourth - at four U.S. ballparks: Chase Field in Phoenix, Yankee Stadium in NYC, Target Field in Indianapolis and Comerica Park in Detroit. If you’re lucky enough to be catching a game at one of those and want to taste test it, the company says to look for “sampling carts.”

Pepsi’s cola ketchup may sound odd, but it was developed with the Culinary Institute of America. The prestigious cooking school and the soft drink company worked together to “craft a revolutionary new type of condiment enhanced with the rich caramel notes and citrusy pop of Pepsi-Cola,” according to Jenny Danzi, a senior director at Pepsi.

Source: CNN

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