This Might Be The Secret To Avoiding Jet Lag

Jet lag is the price we pay for traveling, but new research has made a sweet discovery about what may help us avoid it. A team of experts from the University of Sydney in Australia and Qantas Airways studied passenger recovery from international flights and found that chocolate could be the secret to avoiding jet lag.

Qantas is preparing to debut a direct Sydney to New York flight in 2025, which will take 20 hours and ahead of that, they created simulations of long-haul plane rides. During the simulations, volunteers followed a “specially designed menu, lighting, sleep and movement sequences,” and wore devices to monitor the effects. The menu featured “milk-based desserts to encourage sleep,” including chocolate.

Researchers conclude that those who enjoyed the sweets as part of the schedule had better sleep quality during the flight, less severe jet lag and even better cognitive performance in the two following days. “The early findings have given us optimism that we can make a real difference to the health and well-being of international travelers,” explains Peter Cistulli, a professor of sleep medicine, who adds, “No other airline has done this kind of research before.”

Source: NY Post

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