Food News: Oreo Is Bringing Back Their Most Requested Flavor

Some Oreo lovers are about to be pretty happy. The cookie brand took to social media to announce that their “fans’ most requested flavor” - Red Velvet - is returning to stores for a limited time.

To share the big news, Oreo got some help from Justin Ellen, a baker who competed on the Netflix reality show “Is It Cake?” In the Instagram video, Ellen asks, “Is it cake?” while showing two identical looking packages of Oreo cookies. He slices into one of them, revealing it’s actually a red velvet cake, and says, “This one’s cake, but this one is real,” while opening the Oreo package and taking a bite of one of the red velvet cookies inside.

The Limited-Edition Red Velvet Oreos will start hitting stores September 12th, the first time they’ve been available since 2020. Oreo says the cookies will “feature the familiar taste fans know and love,” which fans know is cream cheese-flavored creme sandwiched between two red velvet-flavored cookies. They’ll be available nationwide, but only as long as supplies last.

Source: Today

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