Ever notice an item in a store that’s made “for women,” but it’s more expensive than the exact same one that’s made “for men?” This is the pink tax in effect and it’s beyond frustrating. Basically, it’s how products marketed specifically to women often cost more than those marketed to men, even though the only difference is that they’re “for women.” A Reddit user asks women, “What’s a men’s version of a product that works as well as a women’s just cheaper?”

These are some of the things we may be better off buying the “for men” version of:

  • "Men’s razors are cheaper and better."
  • "Pants. I buy pants from the mens or even boys' section and they're made so much better than women's."
  • "Men's sweats are amazing. ... And always cheaper.”
  • "Particularly jeans. The denim in men’s jeans tends to be sturdier than women’s. And the men’s jeans have real pockets! Women’s pants rarely have real pockets; it’s all for show not function which infuriates me."
  • “Work or gardening gloves. Men’s are made of way better materials
  • "Workout shorts. Women's seem to mostly be very short or very tight with no pockets for some reason, while men are out there having the most comfortable shorts. Seriously, try it!"
  • "Rogaine. Minoxidil, the active ingredient, is the same in women's and men’s rogaine, but they charge significantly more for the women’s version. It’s the exact same thing as the men’s."
  • "Hair pomade. Hair products in general, but the cheapest female pomade is thrice the price."
  • "Deodorant, and why are their sticks bigger too?!"
  • "Shoes, sneakers and trainers specifically. Just figure out your size in men’s (or even boys’) and you’ll always save at least $20. Basics as well like t-shirts, hoodies, and zip ups. Cheaper, better fit, and better quality."
  • "Anything you can look up under 'men’s tools.' Notice how if you look up 'women’s tools' it’s pepper spray, knives, e.g. stuff to keep women safe from men. If you look up 'men’s tools' it’s products to aid in daily life and/or repairs."

Source: Reddit

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