A lot of people sleep in socks, but they may want to rethink the pair they wear after hearing this. According to a recent study, 70% of people who wear socks to bed don’t bother putting on clean ones, they just slide into the sheets wearing the same socks they’ve had on all day. And that’s the problem.

Researchers discovered some filthy facts after swabbing the socks people wore from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. It turns out, half of them contained pseudomonas aeruginosa - a kind of bacteria that causes infections in humans. “It typically infects the airway and urinary tract and causes infection of the lungs,” the scientists explain. “It can easily spread on tools that get contaminated and are not properly cleaned.”

The National Institutes of Health has reported that this bacteria is commonly found in roaches and their feces. Since it spreads so easily, that bacteria could get onto bedding and raise the risk for infection. And that’s not all. Researchers also discovered some of the socks were filthier than an uncleaned TV remote - and previous research has found those to be “dirtier than a toilet.” But there’s an easy way to avoid all that - just put on a clean pair of socks before bed.


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