The Top 10 Places To Be A Ghost

With Halloween coming up soon, a new study looks into something you’ve probably never considered before - which cities are the best for being a ghost. The team from Upgraded Points has come up with a list after digging into metrics that would make any spirit happy.

  • They looked at factors like the number of cemeteries, the graves-to-person ratio, reported ghost sightings and the number of “actual” haunted houses.
  • The research reveals that the best U.S. city to be a ghost is Springfield, Massachusetts, which has an impressive 13.8 haunted houses per 100-thousand households and 6.6 mediums per 100-thousand people.
  • The worst city to be a ghost is Miami, followed by Seattle, Washington, and Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • The city with the most cemeteries per 100-thousand residents is Columbia, South Carolina, with 136.
  • Dayton, Ohio has the most graves per person at 2.5
  • The best cities for ghost sightings are Springfield, Massachusetts, and Wichita, Kansas.
  • Scranton, Pennsylvania is the top city for ghostly environments, while New Orleans is home to the most haunted house attractions, with 12.6 per 100-thousand people.

The Top 10 U.S. Cities to be a Ghost

(Check out the full list of 100 here)

  1. Springfield, Massachusetts
  2. Scranton, Pennsylvania
  3. Birmingham, Alabama
  4. Syracuse, New York
  5. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  6. Dayton, Ohio
  7. Knoxville, Tennessee
  8. Akron, Ohio
  9. New Orleans, Louisiana
  10. Greenville, South Carolina

Source: Upgraded Points

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