A Survey: What's The Right Way To Eat A Candy Cane

You know the holidays have arrived when you see candy canes back on store shelves. Whether they’re used to fill Christmas stockings, decorate gingerbread houses, or just to enjoy, the classic candy is a holiday tradition of its own. But is there a right way to eat a candy cane?

A new survey from the National Confectioners Association set out to get the answer. Their poll of 15-hundred Americans asks how they eat the festive sweet and finds:

  • More than half (55%) start with the straight end of the candy cane
  • Just over a quarter (28%) eat the curved end first
  • And 17% break their candy cane into pieces

The holiday candy research also reveals:

  • Nearly all respondents (93%) plan to share chocolate and candy with loved ones during the holidays
  • Almost three-quarters (73%) prefer classic peppermint candy canes, while 27% like fun flavors
  • When it comes to foil-wrapped chocolate, 46% say Santas are the best, 30% like coins and 24% prefer snowmen

Source: CandyUSA

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