McDonald's Brings Back Adult Happy Meals And McNugget Buddies

McDonald's Restaurant. McDonald's is offering employees higher hourly wages, paid time off, and tuition payments.

Photo: jetcityimage / iStock Editorial / Getty Images

McDonald’s McNugget Buddies Are Making A ComebackMcDonald's is reintroducing the McNugget Buddies, a set of mascots not used for over 25 years, as limited-edition collectibles in a collaboration with artist Kerwin Frost.

The "Kerwin Frost Box," available starting December 11th, includes a meal choice and features six updated McNugget Buddy designs inspired by Frost's New York City upbringing.

The limited release follows McDonald's successful mascot-themed promotion last year, where collectors attempted to sell toys of classic characters, including Grimace and the Hamburglar, for high prices online.

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