This Is The Age When People Start Feeling Like Adults

Are you still waiting to feel like a grown-up? Some of us are older than we expected when that finally happens, as a new survey finds a quarter of Americans “don’t feel like adults” until they hit their late 20s. And for some, it’s even later than that, with 6% saying it took them until their mid-30s to start feeling like adults.

According to the poll of 2-thousand U.S. adults:

  • A lot of people admit they actually like some of the boring “adult” tasks they do, like grocery shopping (65%), balancing their budget (62%), doing the dishes (60%), laundry (57%) and vacuuming (56%).
  • About three-quarters (74%) really enjoy cleaning the house and 77% say cleaning is therapeutic for them.
  • The chores people are most afraid to admit they like to others vary from generation to generation. For Gen Z, it’s vacuuming (62%), while Gen X’s guilty pleasure is grocery shopping (44%) and millennials’ is doing the dishes.
  • Finishing cleaning the house is “satisfying” for 83% and it gives some folks a sense of happiness (24%), calmness (23%), and accomplishment (21%).
  • The average person does the boring “adulting” tasks they like eight times a week.
  • Some Americans get excited when shopping for items to use for their “boring” adulting tasks, including buying new appliances (58%), dishes and silverware (47%), stationary (42%) and a new vacuum (26%).
  • When it comes to cleaning the house, the most satisfying rooms to tackle are the living room (24%), kitchen (21%), and dining room (18%).
  • About half (51%) of all respondents say they’ll probably buy something “adult” for themselves this holiday season that others would consider boring.
  • They’d also love to unwrap boring gifts, like new appliances (52%), dishes and silverware (46%), stationary (40%), vacuums (35%) and groceries (32%).

Source: SWNS Digital

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