What Your Holiday Party Drink Says About Your Personality

When you’re enjoying a cocktail or two with friends, family and coworkers this holiday season, keep in mind that what you drink can reveal a lot about who you are. According to Patrick Pistolesi, Master Mixologist at NIO Cocktails, your drink order can show whether you’re the life of the party or more of a mysterious observer.

Here’s what he suggests you sip on at your office holiday party based on your personality.

  • Mocktails - The Go-Getter. Those who go for booze-free drinks tend to be very responsible and are typically the first one to leave, according to this expert. Pistolesi recommends they order a Lemongrass Citrus, Ginger Sour or Gimless.
  • Bitter cocktails - The Creative. These kinds of drinks are “particularly popular” with office millennials who are part of the creative team. “Despite the name of the cocktail, you have a warm, sweet side that people naturally gravitate towards,” the mixologist says. He suggests an Espresso Martini, Milano Torino or Spiced Negroni.
  • Sour cocktails - The Fashionably Late One. The office fashionista may not be on time, but she’ll be the best dressed one there and she’ll be sipping a sour cocktail. Pistolesi recommends they order a Disaronno Sour, Whiskey Sour or Gin Sour.
  • Sweet cocktails - The Life of the Party. Those who like to be in the center of the action and are known to keep the party going will do it with a sweet drink in their hand. This party person should order a Daiquiri, Strawberry Margarita or Gin Proved.
  • Vodka - The Socialite. They enjoy big nights out and sipping on a Vodka Sour, Vodka Martini or a classic Cosmopolitan.
  • Whiskey - The Conversationalist. These types like to talk and get into deep conversations and are known for giving great advice. Whiskey on the rocks, Boulevardier or an Old Fashioned are recommended.
  • Tequila - The Funniest. Tequila drinkers are the loudest and funniest people in the office and they never get embarrassed, according to Pistolesi. He suggests they order a Margarita, Tequila Sunrise or Tequila Sour.
  • Wine - The Sensible One. Our expert says wine drinkers are serious, but like to avoid conflict and find middle ground, both at work and socially. They love to be surrounded by interesting conversations and should be sipping a Bellini, White Wine Spritzer or Sangria.

Source: NY Post

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