Grubhub Reveals Its Most Popular Orders Of The Year

With just a few more weeks left in the year, one popular food delivery app is looking back on our dining habits of the last 12 months. Grubhub’s 2023 Delivered report has just come out, revealing the top national takeout trends and the most popular orders of the year.

Here are some highlights from Grubhub’s report and a peak at our favorite meals:

  • People aren’t afraid of a little heat - This year, more than 53-million items were ordered with added spice. Favorites like Sriracha were added over 91-thousand times and buffalo wings were the most ordered wing flavor, followed by lemon pepper and BBQ. The top five spicy dishes ordered on Grubhub in 2023:
    • Spicy potato soft tacos
    • Spicy chicken sandwich
    • Spicy tuna roll
    • Hot and sour soup
    • Drunken noodles
  • Diet Coke is having a moment - Workplace orders for Diet Coke saw a 17% increase in 2023. It was the number one soda ordered, followed by Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper and Ginger Ale.
  • Caffeine cravings were up after hours - More than 10-million coffee beverages were ordered after 5p.m. on Grubhub this year.
  • It was a big year for milk - Orders for coffee drinks with dairy milk were up over 20%.
  • Pineapple on pizza was popular - There was a 33% increase for orders with the controversial pizza topping. The most popular pizza orders were cheese, Margherita, pepperoni, Buffalo chicken and Hawaiian.
  • Fries were the most ordered side - Grubhub had more than 600-thousand orders for salad and a side of fries in 2023. The top French fry styles ordered this year are classic cut, waffle fries, cheese fries, sweet potato fries and curly fries.
  • Pickles were popular, too - The love for dill is strong as pickles saw the largest increase since last year with 89%, for a total of over 6.9-million pickles ordered in 2023.

Source: Grubhub

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