Survey: The Most Awkward Questions To Ask Family During The Holidays

Going home for the holidays can be a wonderful way to spend time with family, right up until they start asking questions. We’ve all been there, having a delightful time with those we love and enjoying a holiday meal, when one of the relatives hits you with a question that’s followed by an awkward silence and you at a loss for words.

It’s an experience most of us can relate to and one that’s the focus of new research. A new poll asks people what the most uncomfortable question is to ask family at Christmas. You know, the ones that make you want to storm out the door in frustration or fire off an angry answer … but you don’t, because family is family.

According to the survey, these are the most taboo questions to ask family during the holidays:

  • “Why don’t you come see us more?” 92%
  • “Have you gained/lost weight?” 82%
  • “Who are you voting for?” 79%
  • “When are you going to get married?” 71%
  • “How is your ex?” or other questions about exes 67%
  • “Have you quit smoking yet? Or “Are you still partying?” 59%
  • “When are you moving out?” Or “Have you bought a house yet?” 38%

Source: Metro

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