Variety Releases Its Top 100 TV Shows Of All Time List

“Variety” Releases Its 100 Greatest TV Shows Of All Time List: Let the arguments begin! “Variety” has released its list of the 100 Greatest TV Shows Of All Time and at the top is “I Love Lucy.” “Community” makes the cut by being number 100 and in between are some legendary shows. Here is the top 10:

  1. “I Love Lucy”
  2. “Mad Men”
  3. “The Sopranos”
  4. “The Simpsons”
  5. “Breaking Bad”
  6. “Sex and the City”
  7. “The Wire”
  8. “Seinfeld”
  9. “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”
  10. “Roots”

Some other highlights...

Cheers comes in at #11
SNL at #15
The Golden Girls at #18
Friends at #29

See the entire list here.

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