Squishmallows Happy Meals Are Coming To McDonald's

McDonald’s has just announced the introduction of Squishmallows Happy Meals to U.S. menus after a successful launch in other countries around the globe. The meals will debut on December 26, and an official statement from McDonald’s said “The wait is over and it’s time to get your squish on as the Squishmallows Happy Meal makes its debut at McDonald’s restaurants nationwide, for a limited time while supplies last.” 

Fans of Squishmallows know that there are 12 collectible characters and Grimace is also getting the Squishmallow treatment. There will also be a mystery character as well as other classic characters that will get the mini-treatment. 

In addition, each character will come with a playlist of music from Universal Music Group which is a first for Happy Meal toys. A QR code on the Happy Meal box can be scanned to access each Squish’s playlist and every playlist has been carefully curated to represent each character’s fun and unique personalities. Squishmallows Happy Meals will be available the day after Christmas, December 26, at McDonald’s locations nationwide. 

SourceGuilty Eats

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